❝We, SS501 will not go anywhere, will always be together with everyone, until the day we die
—Kim Hyung Jun

«I will walk to the end with my SS501 members»
—Kim Hyun Joong

jungkim is real ♥
"Happy Birthday to Me!" _

pastel in infinite’s 恋に落ちるとき



 S a k u r a    by mizuk@ (23/)
bangtansdream: Thanks for reblogging my post. Luckily I've been following your blog for almost forever <3

aw you’re welcome ;A; omg are you serious?? Thank you soooo so much for following me all this time though <3 

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My dash is lacking in my two main fandoms!

jaejin dancing to orange caramel’s catellena

Seunghyun’s photos V.S. Hongki’s photos

you give me fever

kim yuna + blue; requested by loveeintheice

SS501's Alphabet


hazqt: kim omg pls :'(

please have a dp

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