❝We, SS501 will not go anywhere, will always be together with everyone, until the day we die
—Kim Hyung Jun

«I will walk to the end with my SS501 members»
—Kim Hyun Joong

jungkim is real ♥

My Park Jung Min,
My Husband,
My Big Carrot,
My Jungbabo,
My Jung Halabeoji,
My babo horse,
My DJ Park,
My Sexy Charisma,
… My Everything,

I wish you a wonderful birthday ♥ I don’t even know what to write actually. So many things are in my head right now, so many memories are passing through my mind, just like a movie. Because yes, since i’ve met you I feel as if I was in a movie that will never end. And I’m happy with this, actually.
I’m happy with the fact I’ve met you. I’m happy you made me discover the meaning of passion. I’m just happy because I love you. 
Even though I love insulting you, calling you babo horse jungbabo jungidiot or halabeoji… All those nicknames just show my love for you.
It may sounds totally crazy, but this love is just indescribable. Those feelings are so special to me, it’s so weird and just..crazy. How do you manage to make me feel this thing in my stomach and throat, how do you manage to control my head like this, how do you manage to keep my eyes on you, and only on you? How ? Those feelings are new to me and after more than a year, I still don’t get used to it.
Waking up with your voice and next to your face makes my day start well. Listening to your voice gives me chills and happiness. I’m not really crazy. I’m just saying what I feel towards you. That’s why I want to thank you for everything. Again. Again and over again. Even though I’ve become even crazier because of you, I regret nothing. I want to thank my best friend as well, since she made me discover Kpop and then you, of course. Thank you for being this man I love so much. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for all the efforts you make to please Triple S (even tho my jealousy and possessiveness make me go àçsdfus). Thank you for all those feelings you gave and will give to me.
To be honest, I’ve never met a guy who has a personality so similar to me. You so bishy and mean at first but who’s actually a sensitive guy. You’re so hilarious and dorky but so serious when you work. You work so hard it worries me so so much sometimes (often). Please, just enjoy your birthday with the people you love, doing things you love to do. Don’t work too hard. Just enjoy your 26th birthday.
It’s crazy how you have this capacity to make me laugh to death, rolling on the floor like a crazy. But you also have this capacity to make me sobs all alone in my corner or cry because of your teary eyes. I hate you for this hahaha.
You can be sexy but also kyute sometimes. Your voice is amazing, your dance skills are outstanding. Why are you like this? Are you even serious? 
Sometimes I just don’t agree with you. But whatever? I don’t even mind. It won’t make me stop loving you.
I wish you all the happiness you deserve. I want to give you the love you usually give to us. I know you won’t ever disappoint me. I wish you all the best in the future, in all your future projects, I won’t ever stop supporting you and being by your side. 
I don’t even know what to write to be honest. So I’ll just say Happy Birthday again, Jung Min. You can’t even imagine how much I love you ♥

I love you so much. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday ♥

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